Hi folks and welcome to my website.

I am an amateur photographer based in Stirling, in Central Scotland trying to improve my photographic skills.

Through these pages, I will post some examples of my work.

I like landscape and general nature photography  have resurrected some old gear which is assisting in my exploration of macro photography.

When I first started in photography I particularly liked black and white and will be exploring how I can improve my techniques through the digital format.

The main kit is Canon 50D with 17-4o mm L, 28-135 USM together with a nifty fifty Р50mm 1.8mm and a 70-300mm Рall Canon glass .  As a backup a Panasonic DMC-F27 (which belongs to my son) which is a quite stunning camera.

I look forward to sharing this fun with you all.

If should be interested in any of these images, don’t help yourself as all rights are reserved. Get in touch and I will be happy to send you a full res version and it won’t cost the earth.

Bookmark the site and visit us each day, following us on our journey.

You can also follow me on blipfotos